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I fear that I'll be harmed by the Jewish power structure of the University of Illinois for these actions. Stephen Francis

What's the Connection?
What's the Connection between Palestinian Hunger Strikers and 9/11 Truth
  • 9/11 Truth implies that the supposed 19 Arab hijackers did not destroy the WTC ... there is a massive amount of evidence that the highjackers are just patsies in a far reaching scheme to demonize Muslims, including the Palestinians, in order to cause chaos in the Middle East in order to control its energy resources. If the Arab hijackers didn't do it then who did? All evidence points to a cabal consisting of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain.
  • Means, Motive & Opportunity?... Only Israel qualifies as an answer to this question...Al Queda is just a CIA fantasy creation... 9/11 Truth takes OBL out of the picture... Bin Laden was never charged with a crime... Israel is the only country with access to nuclear weapons that would want to start a war with Iraq, there is a long history and compelling evidence of Israel stealing US nuclear technology. Jews controlled all aspects of NYC official functions on 9/11 including the mayor's office, emergency response, Port Authority, WTC lease, retail operations, WTC debris removal, land fill, WTC memorial design, insurance litigation, memorial, they controlled the War Dept of the DoD, and AIPAC was and still is the most powerful Congressional lobby.
  • 9/11 Truth also implies that the "War on Terror" is completely illegitimate ... as suspected by countless skeptics the official story of 9/11, sinister motivations on the part of the members of the cabal which is also known as the 'elite', the '1%', the 'the NWO' are using this scheme to further consolidate their control of the world's citizens.
  • The creation and expansion of the state of Israel is the real agenda...

    The fraudulent 'War on Terror' is an integral part of this scheme.

    The Palestinians are just pawns in this sinister plan.
  • The creation of the state of Israel was NOT just an effort to establish a Jewish homeland. ... In the 19th century, The British Crown and elite Zionists conspired to control Middle East oil by conflating this with the Zionist plan of the creation of Israel. The Industrial Revolution was just beginning to pick up steam and the transistion from coal to oil was a paramount issue. Britain was falling behind Germany in the race to industrialize and they realized that energy was a critical component in winning this battle.
  • Analyzing WWI, II and the Cold War in the context of the creation of the state of Israel is paramount to understanding the plight of the Palestinians... Benjamin Freedman, a close advisor to Woodrow Wilson is the source of the following analysis. According to Freedman, Germany was winning WWI before 1917. They were fighting a war on two fronts, east and west. Jewish Zionist bankers notorious for funding both sides of wars began to fund the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 in part because the Russian tsars were deeply anti-Semitic for all the usual reasons, but also to plunder the vast riches of Russia. Once this revolution was completed and the tsars were no longer in power, Russia withdrew from WWI. This led to the ability of Germany to concentrate on the western front that they were already winning. This alarmed the British who then made one of the most important negotiations in the history of this period. British Zionists told the Crown that if they promised to enable the creation of Israel, the Zionists would bring America into WWI. Well that is exactly the course of history. Despite America being isolationist and President Woodrow Wilson being elected on a platform keeping America out of WWI, America entered the war. Some backroom trickery and the lies told by Samuel Untemeyer to Wilson about the USS Sussex completely turned around Wilson's beliefs and America entered WWI and defeated the Germans in November of 1918. The Balfour Declaration, the most important historical document in the creation of Israel, that included the signature of a Edmund de Rothschild, was signed in November 1917.
  • The German Stab-in-the-back matter was a direct result of the Balfour Declaration back-room negotiations. When the German people found out that the Jews were responsible for getting America into WWI, they were outraged and contributed greatly to their hatred of the Jews in Weimar Germany before Hitler came to power in January of 1933 (This version of history is vehemently denied by Jewish historians, for all the obvious reasons). Once Hitler took power, Jewish emigration dramatically increased, many, but not all left for Palestine. Their is an abundance of evidence that the German Zionists directly negotiated with Hitler to enable Jews to emigrate to Palestine. The Haavara or Transfer Agreements ebody this.
  • Analyzing the history of the past 150 years in the context of the creation of Israel and the British efforts to control Middle East oil resources is paramount to understand the Palestinians plight..This was the beginning of the post-colonial era where overt invasions of countries to plunder their resources was no longer accepted. There had to be a cover story. In this case it was that the persecuted Jews wanting a homeland. All wars since then have had similar types of cover stories, the latest being that Sadam Hussein had WMDs and the Gulf of Tonkin incident before the Vietnam war which has been totally exposed as a fraud. Even Pearl Harbor is suspected of being a hoax to spur the entry of the US into WWII. There are many more including the USS Liberty and the King David Hotel in Palestine.
  • 9/11 was a Pearl Harbor-type transition from the Cold War to the War on Terror to further the interests of Israel... Countless Jewish publications attempt to dissassociate the Jews from Communism and the Cold War because they want to hide their complicity in the deaths of 60 million Russians, mostly Christians in the Russian revolutions. There is a deep history between Russia and Israel that is an integral part of the saga of the exploitation by Jews of the world's citizens of which the Palestinians have suffered the most and why they are on a Hunger Strike today..
  • The Jewish led Bolshevik Revolution eventually prompted the creation of the Communist Soviet Union...It is widely unknown that the West and Western bankers completely financed the industrialization of the backward Russian country. This occured the same time that 60 million people died at the hands of Jewish leaders, including Stalin. Again this is completely covered up. Vladamir Putin and countless others have verified the Jewish nature of the Communist Revolution. The Soviet Union eventually failed. It was a boogeyman created by the West to profit from war. 9/11 was staged to transistion the world from the Cold War era to the War on Terror.
  • Socialism was created by Jews and has been dominated by them ever since. It's the progenitor of Communism which is not dissimilar to state-capitalism and rule by the priviledged by a select few at the top of the pyramid... Communism is just Talmudic Judaism ... few realise it but almost no Israelis own land in Israel...it's owned by the state and leased to its citizens... their so-called democracy is no more valid than in the US where leaders are pre-chosen and the voters elect the lessor of evils. So the study of the development of Socialism is particularly useful in predicting the future and describing the present disproportionate influence that Jews have on our society. There could be beneficial forms of Socialism, but not when controlled by megalomaniacs.
  • Would a truly passionate people treat the Palestinians they way Isarel does? As supposed victims of the Holocaust, one would expect that they would be more sensitive... but that is not the case. The origins of the Palestinian / Israeli conflict lie directly in the confiscation of Palestinian land. Their treatment of the Palestinians is a direct indication of their real agenda, which is overpower the Palestinian's rightful struggle to get it back. Jewish supremacism is at the root of this. Of course they tout their disingenuous and contrived Right of Return but deny it to the Palestinians. They predictably thumb their noses at world opinion.
  • The War on Terror is a necessary NeoConservative-led component in the demonization of Palestinians and Arabs... The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were based on lies about WMD and 9/11 by the Jewish dominated Bush administration. At NewsFollowUp.com is a interactive spreadsheet listing 2000 objective pieces of information linking Jews to the leadership of the 9/11 cabal and the controlled nuclear destruction of the WTC. They are from the most credible sources and expose a trail of unimpeachable clues that only point to Israel leading the cabal. It would take months and an untold number of investigators to thoroughly analyze each clue. The War on Terror is a total fabrication and up to this point the preverbial 'perfect crime' that millions of the world's citizens are victims.
  • baku

    Socialism, Oil & the 1905 failed Russian Revolution and its implications on the emigration of Jews from Germany to Palestine...Most people have never heard of the 1905 Russian Revolution, mainly because it has been covered-up to conceal Jewish Zionist Socialist activity which firmly establishes the Jewish nature of the subsequent 1917 revolution. It failed and resulted in the needless deaths of thousands of Russian citizens... who blamed the Jewish Socialists and expelled them from the country It is very important to note that the Jews who were chased out of Baku were welcomed by Germany. But eventually the German people would turn against them referring to the Stab-in-the-Back and many other reasons. Those same Jews then would emigrate to Palestine. Since Roman times there have been over 100 similar expulsions.

    The most recognizable words that exemplify this situation is Baku oil fields. In the 1870s they produced half of the world's oil. European Jewish interest by the British Zionists including the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers was intense.

    pic from YivoEncylopedia ... B

  • to be continued
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